Do you feel that stirring within your heart to step into a new way of movement that works alongside the design of Yahweh and His temple within you? Let's begin this journey of unlearning old patterns of movement, relearning new ways of motions, and embracing this God gifted responsibility of honoring our womanly bodies.

Hey there! I'm Caitlin.

I believe that our womanly body is a uniquely intricate and beautiful creation of our Heavenly Father. I believe that because of Jesus’s merciful and perfect sacrifice of His body, we can embrace and accept the humble responsibility of caring for His temple of The Holy Spirit within us - which is our gift to receive. I am so happy that you’re here, and I pray that you find what you’re searching for within this space.

embracing the woman of Yahweh you are

Let's begin this journey of unlearning old patterns of movement, relearning new ways of motions, and embracing this God gifted responsibility of honoring our womanly bodies.

moving through your daily rhythms

Within this module, you will begin to explore your current daily rhythms. Where do you feel like you are thriving? Where do you feel a desire to shift and expand? This module is a place for you to get clear about your current and desired daily rhythms so that you can continue to thrive within Yahweh's design over your life.

posture for a purpose

"Your posture tells a story about how your nervous system perceives the world." Dr. Rachel Sambursky will walk you through a lesson discussing the relationship between posture and our nervous system. You will be given a step-by-step guide on how you can cultivate a posture that is open, decompressed, and strong so that you can carry your body in a way that encourages sustainability.

RUACH - the breath of life

We breathe in and out around 20,000 times a day. Of those 20,000 breaths per day, how many are you aware of? Within this module, I will walk you through a lesson on how you can begin to reconnect to your purposeful, life giving RUACH - that is, the breath of life. You will begin to explore within your own temple several breathing techniques that will encourage expansion, stillness, and clarity within your body.

emotions in movement.

Have you ever wondered why your body may react in a particular way? Is it ever accompanied with a unique emotion? Within this module you will begin to explore the intentionally designed relationship between emotions and our bodies desire to convey a message. Dr. Courtney Kahla will begin to walk you through this powerful design while providing you the resources to explore this very topic a bit further, whenever you feel inspired to do so.

mindful movements.

In this module you will explore twenty intentionally curated movements for your womanly body! These movements are specifically designed to support expansion in your body for the breath of life to flow, openness within your body and hips for the encouragement of those feminine curves, and the release of any physical limitations that may be prohibiting you from living optimally within your temple. Although these movements will be accompanied alongside detailed instructional cues, I want to encourage you to sit within your temple and listen, unwind and release as you flow freely within your unique and beautiful feminine body.

strength for the feminine body.

Did you know that your body is designed to cultivate a certain amount of energy depending on where you land within your menstrual cycle. Are you desiring to rest within that perfect design? Within this module Dr. Cait will guide you through a breakdown of the four phases of your menstrual cycle - the menstruation phase, the follicular phase, the ovulation phase and the luteal phase. Within each lesson, you will find low impact, strength supporting movements that will coincide with each particular menstrual cycle phase. These strength supporting movements are uniquely designed to help reconnect you back to God’s perfect design of our womanly body, all while creating longevity and sustainability!

nervous system reset.

Within this module, you will be provided with powerful, self regulating nervous system techniques for you to implement throughout your daily rhythms. Dr. Rachel Sambursky will walk you through three simple, yet effective movements that can be implemented within any unique moment. These movements will provide you with the tools to continuously feel empowered as you self regulate when desired. The Lord is our portion, but by walking alongside His design over our bodies, you can continuously feel resourced as you navigate through your unique season.

rest within your body.

now you have some amazing tools to help you find rest within your body! I pray that you are filled with a sense of empowerment as you take the wisdom that was shared and begin to implement it within your own lives and those around you.

what others have said

With incredible intention behind every choice, Caitlin has created a powerful resource for those seeking to revitalize their movements, breath, & femininity in a mindful way.

With a rich understanding of the interconnectedness of the human body/soul/spirit, Caitlin’s resource sets a strong foundation for honoring your temple and holding space in congruence with purposeful identity.

Breath, posture, mindset, stretches & movements — it all flows out of that foundation. With such beauty & care, she presents expertise, research, & informational tools — and through thoughtfully crafted modules, she shows women their empowerment to move with intention, step into our femininity, & honor Yahweh through the temples He gave us.

Once you receive this resource & embark on this journey, you will not be the same.

— Rachael S

The resources that you have created are nothing short of divine timing. I had been feeling a desire to move my body for awhile, and then I found you! In just a couple of days of implementing what you share, I began to notice my breathing become much more full. I have also noticed the hump behind my neck slowly shifting back to a healthy, strong posture. Thank you so much for everything you share. I can now feel my body like I never have before and that has helped me really honor this body in such an intimate way.

- Gianna P.

Caitlin’s guide has provided me with mind, body, soul movement that respects the innate wisdom that flows within our bodies. Her movements don’t work against the body, they work with the body.The movement has allowed me to go to depths within my posture, open my heart and really dive deeper into my femininity. Starting my day with these movements, and this guide,has provided me with so much support, expansion, and ease throughout the day. The guide has provided me more time to slow down throughout the day, deepen my relationship with God and has helped me nourish some of my long standing injuries, taking the time to dance through each movement with breath and awareness. This guide Provides so much wisdom, for the feminine body, strength and stability for the physical and the emotional, in these movements which show up throughout our whole lives.

- Dr. Rachel